Terms & Conditions

At Penrith Posters we don't want to confuse you with a load of terms & conditions.  Quite simply....

  1. Artwork-All artwork is printed as is - its as simple as that no exceptions we don't check for spellings, grammar mistakes,bleeds or anything else.
    We take your artwork and print it to the size you ask for.
  2. Delivery 1-All delivery timescales quoted are AFTER production.  You know when production has been completed because you will get another email saying that your order is complete.  The delivery countdown starts at that point, for a up to date estimation on our production times please click here
  3. Delivery 2-Whilst we appreciate in a lot of cases our customers are local to us we are not set up to allow customer collections I am afraid.
  4. Problems with quality-Problems can occur there is no question there.  If you are dis-satisfied in anyway the first thing to do is to contact us - We are only human and can (and do make mistakes).  Where it is our fault we will put it right.  If it turns out to be your fault (because the artwork wasn't up to quality)  we will work with you to try and resolve it to your satisfaction.  For information on quality and artwork please see here

I hope you see we are not entirely unreasonable and we hope you agree to these terms & conditions.