Retro Movie Poster “Betrayed Women” (Copy)


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The governor appoints lawyer Jeff Darrow to open an investigation on the reported cruelties inflicted on the inmates of the Bayou Reformatory For Women. The investigation is opposed by Mrs. Ballard, head of the prison, whose moronic brother, Cletus, is keeper of the prison bloodhounds. Nora Collins, once engaged to Jeff, but now an inmate because she had stolen to protect her brother, is resentful of prison methods and particularly bitter against the sadistic methods of a brutal prison guard named Darcy. Honey Blake and Kate unsuccessfully try to use Cletus in an escape attempt. But they try a second escape using Jeff, Nora and Mrs. Ballard as hostages. Mabry, Kate's gangland lover, hears of the escape and knowing she will go where she had hidden $50,000 gets there ahead of her.

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