Artwork File Check Service


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Penrith Posters understands that it can be a complicated process getting your artwork set up.  Therefore we have introduced this product to try and simplify the process.

If you subsequently make a purchase  we will refund you the cost of this file check service - you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

What we will do.

  1. We will check the bleed
  2. we will check the resolution of the supplied image (will it print acceptably at the size you want)
  3. we will check to make sure that any text is not to close to the edge (this is important to ensure its not removed or cut when we trim the posters)
  4. send you back a full sized proof so you can see what it will look it

what we won't do

  1. Spell check your artwork
  2. grammar check your artwork
  3. critique your artwork